Doctorate degrees awarded: 0%
Master degrees awarded: 12.85%
Bachelor degrees awarded: 87.1%
Short first degrees awarded: 0.05%
Scope (# Subject fields): 6 subject fields
General formative orientation: 0%
Career oriented programmes: 100%
Teaching expenditure: 96.88%
Start-ups: 1.42 per 1000 fte academic staff
Patent applications: 2.84 per 1000 fte academic staff
Cultural activities: 493.6 per 1000 fte academic staff
Income from knowledge exchange: 0.36%
Mature students: 21.53%
Part-time students: 5.08%
Distance education students: 0.36%
Total enrollment: 13426 students
Exchange students incoming: 2.2%
Exchange students sent: 2.13%
Foreign degree seeking students: 1.22%
Non-national academic staff: 3.35%
International income: 36.1%
Academic publications: 0.97 per fte academic staff
Professional publications: 0.1 per fte academic staff
Other research products: 0.67 per fte academic staff
Doctorate production: 0
Research expenditure: 2.14%
Graduates in the region: 88%
New entrants from the region: 63%
Regional income: 0%

Instituto Politécnico de Lisboa


Lisboa, Portugal

Founding Year

1986 (Oldest part founded: 1759)




Mission Statement

The INSTITUTO POLITÉCNICO DE LISBOA (Lisbon Polytechnic Institute - IPL), a state-run institution went into operation in 1986 and has statutory, scientific, pedagogical, cultural, administrative, financial, disciplinary and patrimonial autonomy.
Based in Lisbon, it comprises six schools (Education, Communication and Information Sciences, Theatre and Cinema, Dance, Music, Health Technologies) and two further institutes (Accounting and Administration and Engineering). This combination enables the Lisbon Polytechnic to provide for a wide range of knowledge and skills, offering graduate (36 courses of licenciatura) and master's courses (48) of a high standard in cultural, scientific, technological and professional fields, as well as collaboration with the UNIVERSIDADE DE LISBOA (Lisbon University) in PhD studies.
The IPL’s main mission is to produce, to teach and to promote knowledge in several areas (cultural, artistic, health sciences, technologies, engineering, education, administration and communication sciences) in order to achieve excellence in all its activities and to form students in high qualified graduates. The IPL has, since its creation, bet in the development of research projects and offers services to the community as the way to continue its mission. It further contributes to national and international cooperation by participating in scientific and applied research projects, providing community services and promoting cultural, scientific and technical exchanges with similar national and international institutions. With over 13600 students currently attending its courses and over 1300 teachers, the Lisbon Polytechnic retains a prominent place in Portuguese higher education.

Graduates by educational field