Doctorate degrees awarded: 0.61%
Master degrees awarded: 9.29%
Bachelor degrees awarded: 81.61%
Short first degrees awarded: 8.49%
Scope (# Subject fields): 7 subject fields
General formative orientation: 3%
Career oriented programmes: 97%
Teaching expenditure: 76.86%
Start-ups: 1.53 per 1000 fte academic staff
Patent applications: 4.59 per 1000 fte academic staff
Cultural activities: 214.4 per 1000 fte academic staff
Income from knowledge exchange: 8.42%
Mature students: 7.14%
Part-time students: 22.07%
Distance education students: 1.51%
Total enrollment: 10256 students
Exchange students incoming: 1.71%
Exchange students sent: 0.2%
Foreign degree seeking students: 3.14%
Non-national academic staff: 5.02%
International income: 11.3%
Academic publications: 0.2 per fte academic staff
Professional publications: 0.39 per fte academic staff
Other research products: N.A.
Doctorate production: 0.02 per fte academic staff
Research expenditure: 20.42%
Graduates in the region: 40.56%
New entrants from the region: 88%
Regional income: 0%

Cork Institute of Technology


Cork, Ireland

Founding Year

1974 (Oldest part founded: 1909)




Mission Statement

To provide student-centred, career-focused education for the personal, professional and intellectual development of the student and for the benefit of the broader society in the region and beyond.

Graduates by educational field