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The U-Map team invites all higher education institutions to participate in a truly international profiling instrument based on an interactive web tool showing institutional activity profiles.

New institutions can join U-Map for a participation fee of € 1000,- (excl. VAT) to cover the costs of developing their first U-Map profiles. Once an institution has an up to date profile, subscription is free. Every three years (or at an earlier date if such a need is felt) U-Map profiles will need to be updated, again at a cost of € 1000,- (excl. VAT). We will give all new institutions U-Map membership which gives access to the full range of member functions (see Member benefits for more information).

The U-Map web tool will also have a “members only” section that will provide significant extra functionality in the use of U-Map. U-Map members can access a range of special functions to optimise their use of U-Map. The ‘members area’ includes functionalities for institutional research and benchmarking, a facility to find similar institutions, different options for downloading the U-Map sunburst chart, a possibility to add information on your institutions and programmes to the U-Map website, an option to add additional users for your institution and a system for institutional contact persons to communicate with each other and the U-Map team.

The terms of participation and the procedures for data collection and usage are set out in the U-Map protocol.


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